Raquel Huggins


If you're not balancing Weight Training with your Cardio Workouts in your exercise routine, then you could be missing out big time!

Regular cardiovascular exercise AND Weight Training WILL:

- Increase your body's endurance and efficiency

- Help you lose weight by burning calories and increasing your metabolism

- Improve your mental health by releasing endorphins to reduce stress, depression and anxiety

- Boost your immune system (be less susceptible to minor viral illnesses such as colds and flu)

- Increase your stamina - over the long term it will increase your stamina and reduce fatigue

- Reduce disease. Extra weight is a contributing factor to conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and some forms of cancer

- Enhance your muscle health. How? Cardio exercise stimulates the growth of tiny blood vessels (capillaries) inside your muscles. This helps your body deliver more oxygen to your muscles and remove irritating metabolic waste like lactic acid. This can actually lessen your discomfort if you have chronic muscle pain or chronic low-back pain.

It just makes sense to do your CARDIO this year but WEIGHTS are also EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!