Raquel Huggins

The Raq Hard FITT Series

The Raq Hard Body Series begins with an all body workout called the Raq Hard Fitt Mixx. This segment targets the entire body, using a variety of hand weights. Balancing high reps with light weights, low impact, flexibility, endurance, all while mixing both upper and lower body in sequences that challenge Core and Cardio. Fitt Mixx will give you a clear indication of the muscle groups that are the weakest and what you need to work on to get the results you need.

Raq Hard Arms 
The segment that comes next is Raq Hard Arms Series; this workout will test both strength and endurance in the upper shoulders, trapezius muscles as well as the core. Using the ascending and descending pyramid sequence with denominations of weights that range from light to moderate to heavy, Raq Hard Arms will sculpt and tone strong shoulders and resilient muscles.

Raq Hard Abs
The following segment is Raq Hard Abs, a powerful and intense segment of Core Abdominals and Core Back. This sequence is designed to blast the abdominals and the core to respond with reinforced strength and stability to the most important part of the body. Raq Hard Abs, incorporates standing, sitting and lying down movements and with the incorporation of hand weights, upper body movements and high reps intensify the work the abdominals are required to do.

Raq Hard Foundation
This segment is the Foundation of a Strong Healthy body; The Raq Hard Foundation targets the major, minor and stabilizer muscles of the calves, thighs and the glutes. Using powerful and structured movements to build, tighten and firm solid muscle that will sustain the bodies weight and lifestyle. Varieties of weights, elastics, gliding disks are used to construct formidable exercises that create your Foundation.

Raq Hard Elasticity
The most important segment in the Raq Hard series is Raq Hard Elasticity; This segment focuses on the flexibility and the importance of the elasticity of the body. The longevity of your body relies on how you prepare it, stretching is the key to creating a body that can last through life and your lifestyle. Beginner, intermediate and advance stretching techniques using yoga blocks and rubber bands to help intensify the stretching movements

Our goal is to create an exercise program that is comprehensive to what you need, and what you are looking for. 
Time is of the essence the Raq Hard Fitt Series is focused on targeting the whole body within 1 hour 4 times a week. Using exercises that are proven to be effective and well thought out. 
Size does matter our classes are small and all exercises taught to each member with precision and detailed explanations.
Give yourself that gift of Health let The Raq Hard Fitt Series help give you the knowledge you need to be the best you, you can be!